The Lords Of Vyrose

Methodical systems of serfdom and vassalage provide the indomitable structure atop which the Brendylian flag waves. Rich dynasties lord over the common man. Yet on the reverse of the coin, anyone regardless of Race or Class can rise to the apex of society through service to the crown. Every civilization in the known world finds Brendylians grasping the yoke. Lords and Ladies of Vyrose, the Brendyl Lyon is the icon of pride, will, and the dream of true hard earned freedom.

Guild or House Tabards divide Brendylians among the fiefs. Heraldry and house colors are worn with honor. From peasant to noble, family weapons and armor are well afforded. Where the Madam enjoys a pricey embroidered bodice and extravagant ball gown, the Sir boasts expensive shirts and gilded bracers. Constables announce when Royal Court shall commence. And Knightly Orders do battle at the courtroom podium as well as on endless battlefields apposing tyranny and oppression. A shining example of virtue, the Brendylian Knight vows to bring justice and valor to even the darkest corners of Vyrose.

Well mannered and well trained, the Brendylian master of arms varies from House to House. Wide arrays of weapons and military tactics are employed. The prize possession of the House Guard is the Shield. An icon in its own right among the Brendyl Plateau, this is the central ideal of Brendylian command over the battle field. Drakons, small organized groups of shield mates, serve House or Kingdom. And when the King calls, the Drakons of every Royal or War House join together into a formidable vassal army. Wherever the Drakons find themselves lacking in versatility and offensive power, they employ the wealth of the lordship and hire mercenary cores to fill out their combined arms.

Even those Brendylians that do not take up arms find means in which to inspire and shape the world. Incredible works of art and wonder enrich their society. Art in any form, from the sword to the paint brush is revered and encouraged throughout the realm. If the work of art was not wrought by the hand of a Brendylian you art likely to find one standing in as a muse for the creator.

Creatures awed by the future, Brendylians never cease to dream. With a mystical smile on her face, the Brendylian can seemingly inspire anyone to rise above today and build a better tomorrow.

Brendylian’s gain normal human traits, they can add knowledge nobility for free to their sheet. They also gain +2 on will saves.

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